Do I Have A Drug or Alcohol Problem?

by | 14. May 2015 11:18

The following self-assessment was published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as part of the article “What To Do If You Have a Problem With Drugs” in June 2014.  It is a simple list of screening questions & it can help identify whether drug/alcohol use has become problematic.  It is a list of twelve “yes or no” questions.  Keep in mind, this list is not a diagnostic tool rather it can help someone to begin to identify the depth to which alcohol/drug use is effecting their life.  This is crucial to making the decision to seek help.  These are the 12 questions: 1) Do you think about drugs a lot? 2) Did you ever try to stop or cut down on your drug usage but couldn’t? 3) Have you ever thought you couldn’t fit it or have a good time without the use of drugs? 4) Do you ever use drugs because you are upset or angry at other people? 5) Have you ever used a drug without knowing what it was or what it would do to you? 6) Have you ever taken one drug to get over the effects of another? 7) Have you ever made mistakes at a job or at school because you were using drugs? 8) Does the thought of running out of drugs really scare you? 9) Have you ever stolen drugs or stolen to pay for drugs? 10) Have you ever been arrested or in the hospital because of your drug use? 11) Have you ever overdosed on drugs? 12) Has using drugs hurt your relationships with other people?  “Yes” answers to some or all of these questions indicates the need for professional assessment and possibly further treatment.  These can be difficult questions to answer in an honest fashion.  Beyond that (and a HUGE part of the recovery process) it can be exponentially MORE difficult to discuss those life consequences with another person.  A certified/licensed addiction professional provides a non-judgemental and compassionate environment to begin addressing these patterns without recrimination or shaming.  Physicians trained in addiction medicine (board certified by ABAM or board certified in Addiction Psychiatry) can discuss medication options that facilitate the recovery process.  A combination of medical and counseling services is the most effective treatment intervention.  Seeking a treatment professional in your area is the next step.  If you are in Bucks County, PA or the surrounding area contact BioCare Recovery at 267-392-5200 for more information about addiction recovery.    

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