For Families

Counseling Services for Families of Drug and Alcohol Addicts

Addiction Affects Patients’ Families

Addiction can impact families just as powerfully as it does patients. The stress of dealing with a family member’s addiction impacts the stability of the home, finances, and the family’s unity.

When a loved one is suffering from an addiction, family members may be unwilling to admit to the problem, or be unsure of the best way to support someone on their journey to sobriety.

How to Support Your Loved One

Family members need to recognize and accept that their loved one’s addiction is a chronic disease. It’s not a personal or moral failing, but rather a disorder that has physically taken over the decision and reward center of the brain. Addiction’s effects can be reversed over time with the help of addiction treatment centers such as BioCare.

Family Recovery

BioCare Recovery recognizes the importance of helping the families of those with chemical dependencies to work toward their own recovery. Mental and emotional rehabilitation of patient’s families and loved ones is crucial to their own health as well as the sustained abstinence of the former addict. We offer counseling services for families and continued support and guidance through the recovery process.

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