FAQ Opiate Treatment

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a chronic, progressive brain disease. It alters the way your brain functions and changes the way you feel, think, and make decisions. As a result of those changes, addiction causes physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms.

Addiction’s Effects

Opiate use affects your brain both psychologically and physically. The psychological effects of opiates use include:

  • Feeling preoccupied with using opiates
  • Developing cravings or intense urges to find and use the drug
  • Changes in priorities that can jeopardize relationships, job, and emotional stability

Tolerance Develops Over Time

When opiates are used regularly, the brain develops tolerance by adjusting to the constant presence of the drugs, and more chemicals are needed to feel the same sensations.

Stopping opiate use abruptly can cause withdrawal. The fear of withdrawal symptoms keeps many who are struggling with addiction from undergoing treatment.

Withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Increased heart rate

Why is counseling important?
Counseling provides a safe, non judgmental process for individuals to discuss their goals and experiences. A counselor is important in recovery because they act as an advocate for the client’s recovery process while helping the client process and resolve difficult emotional territory.

Do you drug test regularly?
Yes , occasional drug screens are given at random.

Do I have to sign a release for friends, family or other treatment providers?
No, it is your right to confidentiality while in treatment. However, treatment is most effective when we have open lines of communication with supports and other treatment providers.

What is the time commitment?
Your first two weeks of treatment we require daily attendance. After patients pass the acute detox phase, we have minimum counseling requirements of twice per week and physician engagement at least once monthly. However, our program does not limit the number of patient engagements ensuring adequate support and access to providers.

Do you use homeopathic medicines?
No – all medications prescribed are FDA approved prescribed by a physician boarded in Addiction Medicine.

What if I only want detox?
Addiction is a chronic brain disease thus requiring long-term comprehensive treatment. BioCare Recovery does not provide stand alone detox services, but sustainable addiction treatment. Detox is simply the beginning of recovery, and without continuing to engage in treatment, relapse is statistically probable and of course can be life threatening.

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