Narcotics Anonymous vs. In-Patient Residential Programs

There are many programs available to help those struggling with opiate dependency to overcome their addiction. It’s important for patients to choose the addiction treatment option that is most appropriate for their lifestyle and that will help stay abstinent from opiates.

12 Step Programs:

Twelve Step Programs like Narcotics Anonymous use peer support groups to treat the behavioral aspects of addiction. These programs do not use medication to reduce cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

Patients in 12 Step Programs use peer support, will power, and spiritual focus to combat addiction. Some patients succeed using the 12 Step Program, while others may not. Frequently, the 12 Steps are combined with other programs like BioCare Recovery.

In-Patient/Residential Treatment Programs:

In-patient programs offer patients counseling, and many use medication assisted treatment to help with withdrawal symptoms. While these programs can be effective in helping patients “dry out”, there are disadvantages.

These programs require patients to leave their day-to-day lives for weeks or months at a time. Patients may find it difficult to cope with the triggers and stressors of their old lives after returning home from the residential treatment facility.

In-patient treatment programs can be cost-prohibitive for many patients, with treatment costs between $15,000 and $30,000 for a single month of treatment.

BioCare Recovery:

BioCare combines medication assisted treatment with counseling while allowing patients to get well in their natural environment. Patients learn to cope with stressors and relapse triggers while taking anti-craving medications under a doctor’s supervision, making the chance of relapse lower than with in-patient programs.

Because BioCare uses an out-patient approach to addiction recovery, patients do not need to give up their lives, jobs, or relationships to treat their addiction.

At only $8,500 for a six-month treatment program, addiction recovery with BioCare is typically less than half the cost of a single month of therapy at a residential program.

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I’ve tried to stop drinking or using drugs, but I haven’t been able to.

Sometimes, I need a drink or use drugs to get going in the morning.

My drinking or drug use has had a negative impact on my relationships with my family, friends, coworkers and others.

My performance has suffered at work or school because of my drinking or drug use.

When I stop using drugs or alcohol, I experience shakiness, headaches, nausea, or trouble sleeping.

I think I should cut back on my drinking or drug use.

I want to get my drinking or drug use under control, but I’m afraid of going through withdrawal.

I’ve had legal problems because of my drinking or drug use.

I find it annoying when people say something about my drinking or drug use.

Sometimes I feel guilty about my drinking or drug use.