Alcohol Treatment Options

BioCare Recovery

BioCare combines medication assisted treatment with counseling while allowing patients to get well in their natural environment. Patients learn to cope with stressors and relapse triggers while taking anti-craving medications under a doctor’s supervision, making the chance of relapse lower than with in-patient programs.

Because BioCare uses an out-patient approach to addiction recovery, patients do not need to give up their lives, jobs, or relationships to treat their addiction.

BioCare offers sustainable addiction treatment, with the first six months costing only $8,500. Additionally, after the first contiguous six months of treatment an additional six months may cost as little as $1900. We bill all insurances as out-of-network providers. Those with out-of-network benefits may have a portion of the treatment fee reimbursed directly to them. Additionally, BioCare Recovery does accept insurance from Optum Behavioral Health (UnitedHealth). Some services (counseling, MAT) may be purchased individually.


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